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Mint Velvet New Store Openings

Ellie: This month, our client Mint Velvet will be opening their 12th standalone store. To mark the occasion, I am here today with Nigel Hodgkins, our Store Development Consultant, who has supported Mint Velvet store openings from the outset. So … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Help Desk Call Handler Emily Harrison

Ellie: My ‘Day in the Life of’ interview today is with Emily Harrison, Help Desk Call Handler at Retail Assist. Emily, how long have you been working here now? Emily: I have worked for Retail Assist for 18 months, as … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: How Multi touch Technology is Improving the Retail Experience

Touchscreen technology may not be brand new. In fact, early touch screens were used over 30 years ago! Nowadays, any one of us with a smartphone or tablet will know what can be done on a small screen at the … Continue reading

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Retail Innovation Technology

Based on recent projects with our retail clients and the things they are considering implementing, I wanted to highlight future retail innovations. Retail technology developments currently taking place are all about personalisation; tailoring the experience to the customer, and providing … Continue reading

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Real Time Monitoring of the Till Estate

Alex: I’m here today with James Lowe, our Senior Analyst Developer. He currently works on Merret development, and has previously developed tailored solutions as part of our Store Systems Team. One of these was the monitoring of the till estate … Continue reading

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Online Only Shoppers

According to recent Shoppercentric research, young men seem to be exempt from most of the traditional clichés surrounding the male species and shopping. In a recent study, 22% of men aged 25-34 agreed with the statement that they love making … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Systems Analyst Gareth Thorley

Ellie: Whilst I recently conducted a ‘week in the life of’ interview with one of our clients, it’s been a while since I caught up with one of the Retail Assist team on the blog. To remedy this, I’m here … Continue reading

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A week in the life of Dave Wilson, Head of IT Operations at Vue

Ellie: I’m here today with Dave Wilson, the Head of IT Operations at one of Retail Assist’s clients Vue. Hi Dave, how long is it that you’ve worked for Vue now? Dave: Hi Ellie, I joined Vue in February 2010 … Continue reading

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5 Myths about IT Departments / Companies Dispelled

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about ‘techies’, and have probably watched the Channel 4 comedy ‘The IT Crowd’ – but are these fair representations of the IT department or support partners that you work with? Below are the 5 most … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Product Coordinator Andy Thomas

Ellie: For my latest ‘Day in the Life of’ interview, I’m about to speak to one of Retail Assist’s longest serving members of staff, Product Coordinator Andy Thomas. How long have you been at Retail Assist now Andy? Andy: I’ve … Continue reading

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