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Guest Post: “The Latest Trend In Retail”

This week’s blog post was contributed by Ellie Burns, a work experience student with a bright future in Fashion Communications and Promotion. Ellie has her own blog, ‘Ellie’s Favourite Things’ which can be found by clicking here. When working in … Continue reading

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Mint Velvet New Store Openings

Ellie: This month, our client Mint Velvet will be opening their 12th standalone store. To mark the occasion, I am here today with Nigel Hodgkins, our Store Development Consultant, who has supported Mint Velvet store openings from the outset. So … Continue reading

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Top 10 Retail and Fashion Quotes

Here at Retail Assist, we’ve been collecting some of our favourite quotes related to Retail and Fashion over on our Pinterest page. These have amused and inspired us in equal measure, so we thought it would be a waste not … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: How Multi touch Technology is Improving the Retail Experience

Touchscreen technology may not be brand new. In fact, early touch screens were used over 30 years ago! Nowadays, any one of us with a smartphone or tablet will know what can be done on a small screen at the … Continue reading

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Quiz: What kind of clothes shopper are you?

Last summer, Retail Assist’s quiz got people debating whether they were a ‘Traditional Shopper’, a ‘Best of Both Shopper’ or a ‘Tech-Savvy Shopper’. Now we’re about to quiz you again, but this time in relation to your clothing purchasing habits: … Continue reading

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Retail Innovation Technology

Based on recent projects with our retail clients and the things they are considering implementing, I wanted to highlight future retail innovations. Retail technology developments currently taking place are all about personalisation; tailoring the experience to the customer, and providing … Continue reading

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The #Nottingham Retail Scene

Today is the day that Nottingham will *hopefully* be trending on Twitter, thanks to the organisers of ‘Get Nottingham Trending Day’: http://www.getnottinghamtrending.co.uk/ and support of the local community. Having a Head Office based in Nottingham, we at Retail Assist already … Continue reading

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Online Only Shoppers

According to recent Shoppercentric research, young men seem to be exempt from most of the traditional clichés surrounding the male species and shopping. In a recent study, 22% of men aged 25-34 agreed with the statement that they love making … Continue reading

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My Mum and Shopping in the 1970s vs Retail Today

Ellie: I never thought I’d be saying this in a professional capacity, but I’m here today to interview my Mum, Val Cook, for the Retail Assist blog! With Mother’s Day coming up, I was intrigued to learn more about what … Continue reading

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Mobile saves the… jacket!

A few weeks ago I experienced for myself how amazing mobile shopping can be. Our regular blogger, Ellie will no doubt already be laughing at me as she reads this, as she knows how much I love my technology, but … Continue reading

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