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Guest Blog: The Importance of Local Trading

By Louise Tillotson Now more than ever, local businesses and their customers need to work together to help tackle the nation’s deficit at a local, actionable level. Although grass-roots activity may seem small in the context of global macroeconomics, it … Continue reading

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Online Only Shoppers

According to recent Shoppercentric research, young men seem to be exempt from most of the traditional clichés surrounding the male species and shopping. In a recent study, 22% of men aged 25-34 agreed with the statement that they love making … Continue reading

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My Mum and Shopping in the 1970s vs Retail Today

Ellie: I never thought I’d be saying this in a professional capacity, but I’m here today to interview my Mum, Val Cook, for the Retail Assist blog! With Mother’s Day coming up, I was intrigued to learn more about what … Continue reading

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Mobile saves the… jacket!

A few weeks ago I experienced for myself how amazing mobile shopping can be. Our regular blogger, Ellie will no doubt already be laughing at me as she reads this, as she knows how much I love my technology, but … Continue reading

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