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A Day in the life of Receptionist / HR Administrator Alaine Martyn

Ellie: For my next ‘Day in the life of’ interview, I’m about to speak to one of my good friends at Retail Assist, Alaine Martyn. Alaine, you started at the company before me, so I’m not sure exactly how long … Continue reading

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Cutting waste not corners: 5 top tips

In this new age of austerity, most retail IT departments have found that their budgets and headcounts have been trimmed. Being expected to do more, with less resource has led many retailers to consider outsourcing key projects.  Outsourcing gives them … Continue reading

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Rockin’ Around Retail Assist

Whilst many people in offices all over the country are currently sitting back and commencing ‘holiday eating’ – mince pies are an acceptable breakfast at this time of year…aren’t they? – Or else slinking into work hoping nobody will mention … Continue reading

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The curious incident of the router in the daytime

When it comes to technology, there should be a logical explanation for why things stop working, but every now and then something can happen which puzzles even the most hardened IT professional. This is one of those cases, and the … Continue reading

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