Retail Assist takes part in Robin Hood Day

Robin HoodEveryone has heard of Robin Hood, Nottinghamshire’s most famous heroic outlaw and the world’s favourite folk hero. Robbing from the rich to give to the poor alongside his band of Merry Men, his adventures have been retold down the generations, from medieval ballads to Hollywood blockbusters. So this weekend, when Nottingham hosted ‘Robin Hood Day’, as a local Nottingham business we just knew we had to get involved.

Pic 2The Robin Hood Marketing Committee, made up of members from the city and county councils and Experience Nottinghamshire, as well as Robin Hood enthusiasts, decided to set up the event on 25th October to help promote the county’s legendary figure.

The idea behind this was that the local community and businesses across Nottinghamshire would get involved, from theming menus to getting dressed up as Robin Hood, becoming an annual event.

Pic 3Tony Bates, a committee member has been instrumental in organising the event using social media to not only advertise the day but also helping to gain interest and traction with local businesses. Tony who also got involved by donning a green outfit himself, commented;

“One of our focuses is to claim back Robin Hood for Nottingham. We want a day where people can have fun and celebrate our local legend.”

It was nice to see other local businesses getting involved, such as McDonald’s at Exchange Walk’s and their Robin Hood themed tree and also the butchers at the Victoria Market were some of our favourites.

Pic 4Pic 5We were really excited to get involved and enjoyed getting some pictures on the roof of the Retail Assist building with Nottingham Castle in the background, we also paid the Robin Hood statue a visit.

Pic 6Pic 7Here at Retail Assist we are an award winning retail IT services and solutions provider. Offering IT support through a dedicated 24/365 service desk, data centre, remote monitoring, supply chain solution and project services. Retail Assist can support multichannel retailers’ head offices, supply chains, websites and stores.

If you are interested in our IT systems and support services you can visit our website: or get in touch, email: and telephone: 0115 853 3910. Also keep up to date with our latest news by searching ‘RetailAssist’ on Twitter and Instagram.

It was a really great day and anything we can do to help raise awareness not only of Robin Hood, but also Nottingham… sign us up.

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Adventure Ashram’s Great Big South Indian Adventure – November 2014

Pic 1Adventure Ashram is a wonderful charity whose aim is to support communities throughout India, helping to make education and healthcare accessible to the people and places that are hardest to reach. As such we are really proud to be supporting the ‘The Bullet Boys’ team on their adventures, motorcycling through India to raise funds for Adventure Ashram.

Pic 2The ‘Bullet Boys’ are a group of friends who have decided to undertake an adventure that not only pushes the boundaries but also gives something back to those less fortunate than themselves. So they are taking part in a charity motorcycle ride, travelling over 2000km across Southern India in November 2014.

Pic 3The ride will expose them to a huge variety of different terrains, from towns and cities to desert plains and dense forest trails, moving on to mountain passes which will prove to be a real test of endurance. The ‘Bullet Boys’ will be undertaking this challenge whist riding the famous “Royal Enfield Bullet”, a classic single cylinder 500cc bike which is now built in India. The Bullet uses 1950′s technology, so will provide another very challenging dimension to the journey.

The ride will be a demanding trek on challenging bikes and will certainly test the ‘Bullet Boys’ both physically and mentally, constantly testing confidence, spirit and determination. They will be able to enjoy and experience the dramatic and amazing scenery that India has to offer but this also means they will be exposed to some extreme environments and situations; needless to say this will not be a walk in the park.

Everything raised will go directly to Adventure Ashram. The ‘Bullet Boys’ are still looking for sponsors and contributions, every pound raised will really help to make a difference. Please click here if you would like to donate and help raise money for this very worthwhile cause.

Pic 4Here at Retail Assist we are really looking forward to following the progress of the ‘Bullet Boys’ on their challenging journey and wish them all the best on their forthcoming adventure. We hope they not only make amazing memories but help gain the support funds they have worked so hard to obtain for Adventure Ashram’s Great Big South Indian Adventure.

If you would like to read more about the Adventure Ashram charity then please click here. Also if you are interested in our IT systems and support services you can visit our website: or get in touch, email: and telephone: 0115 853 3910. Also keep up to date with our latest news by searching ‘RetailAssist’ on Twitter and Instagram.

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Wearable Technology

Tech 1Thanks to numerous and continued smartphone enhancements we have become embroiled in a world of mobile connectivity. Smartphones have seen mobile phones evolve beyond being portable communication hubs, and into technical devices that allow us to source information, shop in real time and much more – at the drop of a hat.

But what happens when mobile devices are no longer the only portable devices on the market, what if there was something that offered connectivity and intelligence but was also wearable and fashionable.

In the past 18 months wearable technology has exploded on to the scene and I’m sure it won’t have escaped your attention how dramatic the advances in mobile technology have become. From Apple to Samsung, glasses to watches, the world of wearable connectivity is expanding rapidly – and we are interested to see what effect, if any, this will have on retailers?

Wearable Tech 2

Salesforce recently referred to wearable technology as the new smartphone. After seeing the impact that smartphones have had on the way we shop, communicate and source data we have been opened up to an exciting new way of doing things, revolutionising customer shopping habits – allowing us to shop on the move. This made us question – how much further can we go and what exciting advances lay ahead?

Berg Insight predicts that by 2017 wearable smart device sales worldwide will reach 64 million units, and retailers are getting ready to tap in to this trend. eBay, for example, recently announced a focus on bringing commerce to wearable devices and connected devices, emphasising the desire to bring commerce on to any screen imaginable.

Overall it will mean more informed shoppers on the High Street, who can use connected devices to place themselves deep within the omnichannel retail journey. This can put added pressure on retailers as they must provide a compelling in-store experience to keep their bricks and mortar link in the omnichannel chain alive. Thought needs to be put into how applications on wearable technology can support and enhance customer’s entire omnichannel journey.

Wearable technology will not only revolutionise the experience for consumers but can also assist retailers behind the scenes. Store staff will be able to use wearable technology to access key data from any location in the store, assist with planning, merchandising, sales marketing and many other core business functionalities. This could also assist with customer experience in store, being able to approach customers and assist them on the spot, whether they may be sourcing an item from another store or searching for items in varying sizes and colours it can really help to enhance the customer experience – with a more personal offering.

Tech 3The outlay cost of wearable technology in the retail sector is not something to be underestimated and would pose a significant cost. Also with this ease of access to greater amounts of information it could act as a distraction to store staff – so there would have to be some consideration when rolling out in store that this technology may get miss-used due to ease of accessing personal data and constant access to social platforms.

While the wearable revolution offers virtually limitless applications across a number of verticals, we have only begun to scratch the surface. With new products being announced on a seemingly weekly basis, such as’s smartwatch coming this summer, which is designed to make calls, play music and sync with various social platforms, the possibilities of what these devices do and the roles they can play in the lives of consumers seems relatively endless.

Customer adoption rate will play a huge role in how this will really affect retail businesses. Mass appeal will help to lower the cost of the hardware, and can open up much greater options for retailers in regards to connectivity and how this can assist in running businesses more efficiently through wearable technology.

If you are interested in Retail Assist and the IT systems and solutions that we provide then please visit our website for more information: You can get in touch with us via email at: or call us on: 0115 853 3910. You can also keep up to date with all of our latest news by searching ‘RetailAssist’ on Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget to like our page on Facebook.

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Celebrating 5 Years of Mint Velvet

MVAfter recently celebrating our own 15th Birthday we know how important every year is, and we are very excited for our customer, Mint Velvet, who will soon be celebrating their 5th Birthday.

The Mint Velvet story began with three women, inspired by a desire for something new, who wanted to create a clothing collection which was both relaxed and glamorous, but sill at affordable prices. With a specific target audience, working mothers with modern lifestyles, they wanted to create something that worked with their demanding lifestyles and from this Mint Velvet was born.

Mint Velvet believes that clothing should help make the women that wear them feel confident and gorgeous; whilst still fitting in to busy and active lifestyles. Mint Velvet launched in 2009, and in this same year we also began to work together. For Mint Velvet we provide a Managed Solution to include our Merret merchandising and warehousing solution, Triquestra’s Infinity PoS, plus complete IT support services.

In 2010 ourselves and Mint Velvet won “Project Implementation of the Year” at the Retail Week Technology Awards for our project implementation success, and later that year went on to be shortlisted for ‘IT Project of the Year’ at the Retail Systems Awards.

With award wins, and instant success in their initial House of Fraser concession openings, the Mint Velvet brand soon rolled out to further premium department stores, and the brand’s transactional website:

The Managed Solution we provide for Mint Velvet delivered the foundations to support a growing business from the outset. Our solution combines all the required hardware, software and services in a single package and is integrated with store EPos and website. As a scalable solution Mint Velvet have found this to be extremely beneficial as they have under gone a huge expansion process throughout the last 5 years and have a further 4 stores opening within the year.

MV 2Having achieved so much within their first 5 years we are not only proud to be able to say that we work with Mint Velvet but are also very excited to see what they achieve in the next 5 years.

Happy Birthday Mint Velvet xxx

If you would like any further information about any of our services then you can visit our website: or call us on: +44 (0) 115 853 3910. You can also search for us on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news from Retail Assist.

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We Welcome Matthew Proudlove as our new Chief Finance Officer

This month we welcome Matthew Proudlove to the Board as our new Chief Finance Officer (CFO). After graduating from Warwick University, with a degree in German and Business, Matthew has gone on to gain valuable business and finance experience in Europe and the UK.

Matthew trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant, spending time in Germany, Austria, and the UK. He then spent 13 years in corporate finance where he was involved in corporate acquisitions, company sales and management buy outs. Matthew joins us from The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company where he was CFO since 2012.

Matthew Proudlove, comments: “I see massive growth potential for Retail Assist and can’t wait to get started and make steps towards supporting the expansion of the company. I have always had an interest in retail and enjoy the fast-paced nature of the sector; I look forward to the challenges ahead.”

Our Retail Assist Board first met Matthew in 2010 when he worked in corporate finance.

Alan Morris, Executive Chairman, comments: “We are delighted that Matthew has joined the team as we continue to build on our growth strategy. Through our previous business relationships with him we knew he was a strong fit for Retail Assist, and look forward to working with him.”

Morris adds: “It is with Matthew’s skills and experience within the finance sector, coupled with his enthusiasm that he will help the board to move forward and achieve our business vision.”

Matthew’s previous experience in corporate finance, where he worked in both practice and industry means that he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in growing companies. With a keen interest in the IT sector Matthew will be a great attribute not only to our finance department but to the business as a whole.

Tim Moxon, our current Chief Finance Officer will leave Retail Assist on Friday 3rd October once he has affected a handover to Matthew.

Tim comments: “I will be leaving Retail Assist in order to pursue potential opportunities to work with small sized businesses on a reduced working hour’s basis.”

Morris concludes: “Tim has made a considerable contribution to the success of the business over the past 10 years and he leaves with our sincere thanks and best wishes for the future.”

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The Retail Assist Sailing Event 2014

IMG_6856With the wind in our hair and regular tea breaks the annual Retail Assist sailing event was a great day out for both Retail Assist team members and customers. We set sail from Hamble Yacht Services in Hampshire for a full day of sailing adventures. As in other years we sailed with the Blue Box Sailing Company on their 64ft yacht, and believe you me we definitely had to do our bit as crew members.

IMG_6924The yacht we sailed on was the Whitbread 60 Blueprint, formerly known as the Intrum Justitia and was built in 1992 for the 1993/4 Whitbread Around the World Race. As you can imagine we were all very excited to get aboard such a legendary boat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice (like myself) or an experienced sailor, you can try your hand at steering, hoisting and trimming the sails and leading the ropes. It was a very hands on day – and we loved it!

IMG_6914We met our customers at the Marina and headed on to the yacht. After a talk from the crew in regards to safety and a tour of the boat, including how to use the rather scary looking toilet, we slipped lines and motored out of the River Hamble to the famous waters of the Solent where the real fun began. With all hands on deck we had to take turns in grinding (it’s tough work) to hoist the main sail, wind up ropes and get to grips with the steering.

IMG_6893The route for the day consisted of sailing through the forts in the Eastern Solent into the English Channel and sailing round the Nab tower lighthouse and back. Obviously the exact course is decided on the day as it is weather dependent but we were lucky enough with the weather to stick with the predetermined route.

IMG_6853Once lunch had been eaten and more tea had been drunk we made a U-turn and proceeded home. With a day of sailing and boat manoeuvres under our belts, we arrived back outside the River Hamble and dropped the sails before motoring back up the River to the Marina.

IMG_6889Once we had said a massive thank you to the crew from Blue Box who really helped to make our day memorable, and of course said goodbye to the yacht we headed back to the hotel, the Botleigh Grange Hotel and Spa, where we all enjoyed a well-earned drink. After freshening up and sitting down to dinner we all proceeded to chat about the day’s adventure and enjoy a relaxed evening meal.

IMG_6932The sailing event provides a great way to socialise with our customers, developing relations away from the working environment. The 2014 sailing trip was a great success and we look forward to ‘setting sail’ again very soon.

If you would like to see a video from one of our previous sailing events, please click here to access our Retail Assist YouTube channel, and if you would like to see the yacht that we crewed and sailed for the day please click here.

We are very proud to support so many high profile names in the retail sector, and it was lovely to have some of them along at the event. If you are interested to see who we support please click here. Also if you’re interested in Retail Assist and the IT systems and solutions that we provide then please visit our website for more information: You can get in touch with us via email at: or call us on: 0115 853 3910. You can also keep up to date with all of our latest news by searching ‘RetailAssist’ on Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget to like our page on Facebook.

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Merret User Day 2014

It’s important for us to involve our user base in the development of our solutions, to ensure we continue to develop a product which is aligned to the requirements of the user community.

As such last week we hosted our annual ‘Merret User Day’ to encourage all of our Merret customers to come together and discuss current and future Merret functionality. On the day a number of members from the Merret community attended including; Mint Velvet, East, Oasis, Warehouse, Karen Millen, Coast, Jacques Vert, Harvey Nichols, Morrisons, Paperchase, and Whistles.

Pic 1Pic 2The day itself was organised and facilitated by Retail Assist members but driven by the needs of the Merret users, with much time for questions and discussions, to address any areas of Merret that was of primary focus for our customers.

The ‘Merret User Day’ enables us to develop further efficiencies and grow functionality to meet customer expectations. With contributions from retailers with differing requirements it helps us to generate a better service across retailing channels from omnichannel retailers to pure play e-tailers, helping us improve our service but also helping them achieve their business targets.

During the day we discussed a number of key points and we wanted to share them with you.

Pic 3Following an introduction to the day from Robin Coles, our Head of Product Strategy

Nigel Illingworth, Chief Executive Officer – Solutions, continued with Merret ‘The Last Year’, highlighting Merret’s;

  • Rich omnichannel functions
  • Ability to work intuitively with 3rd parties
  • Real time omnichannel functionality

He then moved on to discuss Merret’s flexible approach and ability to respond to change and growth and this is where the Merret community were given the opportunity to engage and discuss their requirements from Merret during the last year.

Following on from this we were delighted to have customer presentations from Anne Sinclair, Multichannel Director of Coast, Oasis, Karen Millen and Warehouse regarding the journey of omnichannel retailing. Then from Grant Henderson, Project Manager at Coast, Oasis, Karen Millen and Warehouse, and Rob Scott our Technical Services Manager, regarding their experiences and advice for a tablet roll-out across a 750 store estate.

The focus of the afternoon was ‘Merret the Future’ where we explored the future Merret roadmap. At which priorities for future development were revealed and discussed with clients, to ensure it aligned with their own requirements.

The day was concluded with partner presentations and it was lovely to be able to welcome along 4 differing companies that each brought a new and exciting element to the day, but that could all complement our Merret supply chain solution. We had teams from; Momentis, a Canadian based company, InovRetail from Portugal, Triquestra and Powatag. Not only did this add an extra dynamic to the day but it was also so interesting to see what these companies did and how they could work with Merret to provide additional functionality. Keep an eye out for guest blogs rounding up these partner presentations – there are some very interesting findings.

We took a lot away from the day as did attendees from the Merret community. It was great to bring all the users together, as with common interests and requirements we can work together to improve the Merret offering and experience for all of our Merret customers.

Pic 4If you are interested in our Merret supply chain and would like to know more about how we could help you then please visit our website: or get in touch via email: or call us on: 0115 853 3910. You can also follow our latest update on Twitter and Instagram, just search ‘RetailAssist’.

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Men take note – Whistles have launched a Menswear Collection

From soft structured blazers to canvas and leather backpacks – our customer, Whistles, have launched a menswear line. The collection has been launched just in time for AW14 and we can’t wait to check out the chunky knits and tailored trousers that will be perfect for the colder weather.

Below we have included some of our favourite looks from the new menswear collection, we hope you enjoy them.

W 1We love the leather ‘runners’ and tailored turn up trousers.

W2This chunky over coat and heavy roll neck will be staple pieces for the approaching winter weather.

W3We love this bright jumper and scarf combo, but are you man enough to wear pink?

W4This outfit is all about comfort but still screams style thanks to the Whistles minimal and simplistic approach.

I think the overall feel of the new collection is minimal and smart. The items are simple, but the collection is made up of key pieces that will see you through AW14. The menswear range heavily reflects the feel of the womenswear line, remaining contemporary, easy to wear, linked to classics, but with a modern approach.

We have been working with Whistles since 2011 helping to deliver an entire IT infrastructure. As part of a multi-faceted deal, Whistles selected our Merret merchandising and warehousing solution to power its new Distribution Centre managed by Clipper Logistics.

Our Merret application forms part of an integrated IT solution, and will drive the multichannel business forward through interfaces to Whistles’ BT Fresca ecommerce website, the upgraded BT Expedite Store6 EPoS solution in Whistles’ shops and store systems in multiple concession partners including Selfridges, Brown Thomas, Fenwicks, House of Fraser and John Lewis.

With multiple concession partners, standalone stores and their multichannel offering there are numerous platforms for which Whistles can display their new menswear collection. Jane Shepherdson, CEO of Whistles commented on the range, saying;

‘We have defined our aesthetic, and achieved a consistency in our design. Menswear is something that we have been planning to do since we started in 2008. We recognise that, as with womenswear there is considerable expansion in the contemporary middle market, this is an ideal time to capitalise on this opportunity and bring the whistles aesthetic to menswear.’

The menswear range is now available to buy online, within key stores and selected premium department stores. Click here to shop now.

If you would like any further information about any of our services then you can visit our website: or call us on: +44 (0) 115 853 3910. You can also search for us on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news from Retail Assist.

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Travel Hubs – Where Expansion Plans take Flight

PlaneOver the past few years travel destinations have begun to change and the term ‘travel hub’ has started to emerge. Now no longer a place of boredom and unappetising food, transport environments are cottoning on to the fact that they have a captive audience with time and ‘holiday’ money to spend.

High footfall from international and often affluent travellers means airports and other major ‘travel hubs’ provide a unique environment for retailers and can act as a useful trail space for new ideas and concepts, reaching consumers both at home and overseas.

Airports, for example, deliver the highest sales densities of any shopping environment due to strong footfall from an international, cash-rich, captive audience, who want to kill time and often splash out on impulse. Retailers are increasingly realising the importance of engaging travel shoppers – with 85% of visitors to Gatwick Airport buying something, it’s worth making the effort to entice travellers.

For retailers with international aspirations, a ‘travel hub’ store can build brand awareness, drive website traffic, as well as test products with an overseas customer base. The insight gained is extremely valuable as it can be fed into future expansion decisions.

Retailers have also become aware of the convenience factor at transport hubs. Several of them have launched click-and-collect services that allow consumers to collect orders at train and tube stations.

The global airport market is forecast to reach £36.6 billion by 2019, a growth of 72.9% on 2013 figures. A number of our customers, including; Paperchase, Whistles, Cath Kidston, Morrisons and World Duty Free are taking advantage of this additional selling space, with outlets popping up in airports and train stations.

However there are challenges when expanding in to travel hubs, including; out of hours IT support, international language barriers, and the ability to deliver a ‘click and collect’ offering. However with the correct service in place you can expand smoothly and easily in to these environments.

Travel retail may previously have been seen as an afterthought by retailers, but it is quickly becoming central to many retailers strategies. Consumers now want and are beginning to expect an all singing all dancing retail and social experience when visiting travel destinations and we can help you deliver on this.

Our Ra-X solution can help with international barriers, and has recently helped one of our customers, Cath Kidston, their 100th international store. Ra-X manages the two-way global data exchange between Cath Kidston’s Head Office and overseas partners, sending and receiving product, price, promotion and sales data from store concessions or international locations back to central operations.

CKFurthermore our Merret supply chain solution also aids with international expansion, covering all aspects of stock control, retail supply and business information. Presented in a multi-lingual, multi-country environment, Merret provides definable, multi-dimensional business structures to manage the unique complexities of your buying and merchandising activity for national and international retailing, whether it be a high street multiple, department store, discount outlet, airport, concession, franchise, on-line or ‘travel hub’ store. For more information on our Merret supply chain please click here.

This alongside our Help Desk Support, which facilitates an international offering, fluent in 8 languages, and supports you IT systems 24x7x365 means that you will be able to deliver a seamless and consistent offering to your ‘travel hub’ customers around the clock.

If you would like any further information about any of our services then you can visit our website: or call us on: +44 (0) 115 853 3910. You can also search for us on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news from Retail Assist.

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Hobbycraft for Wedding Decorations – Guest Blog

Here at Retail Assist we are very pleased to welcome back our guest blogger Charlie. After her two previous and very successful blogs, we were delighted when she offered to blog for us for a third time.

Having previously blogged about finding the prefect bridesmaid dresses from Coast and must have wedding stationary from Paperchase, Charlie is back and this time talking about wedding decorations from our customer Hobbycraft. To read more of Charlie’s ‘Dainty Bride’ blogs visit her page by clicking here.

I’ve always thought that decorations can make or break a wedding. Choose something to reflect your personality, keeping the concept both personal and in keeping with the overall theme of your special day and the results will leave your guests amazed. Finishing touches are key to the overall effect of your decorations, you can go for a co-ordinated theme or a miss matched effect, whatever your style there are decorations out there to suit you and your groom.

I’ve recently started looking into different decorations and have been amazed with what Hobbycraft have to offer. I’m not really a ‘crafty’ person so hadn’t previously visited Hobbycraft but since I’ve been engaged, it’s my new favourite place! I’ll definitely continue going post wedding; I have seriously been bitten by the ‘crafting’ bug.

The good thing about Hobbycraft is that you can recreate amazing ideas that you’ve found on the internet or in magazines for a fraction of the price.

They have a ‘Wedding’ section online if you don’t fancy searching the shop, offering everything from Hen Party Supplies to Wedding Cake Decorations. All of their wedding items are listed together, very handy, and perfect for us lazy brides or those on a tight timescale.

Right so let’s get started…

Although this may look like a ‘Plain Metal Bucket’, (which it is) it’s so multi-functional, and at £1 each they’re a total bargain.

You can:

1. Use them as centre pieces by adding some lace around the outside and adding flowers inside.

2. Pop wedding favours in them for your guests.

3. They also provide a lovely way in which to store your confetti.

These are just a few suggestions, it’s up to you to get creative and make your wedding truly individual.

Blog 1This ‘Wedding Post Box Birdcage’ is perfect for all you vintage lovers out there. Not only providing an alternative to the usual style of wedding ‘post box’, this is a delicate and pretty alternative and can even be personalised with space to write your new surname on the front.

Blog 2I feel there’s a ‘bucket’ theme starting here…

These tiny buckets are amazing! You can get them in a variety of colours and are also available with heart and butterfly cut-outs. A perfect size for tea lights, they will look gorgeous in the evening when the main lights are turned down. Again at only £1 they definitely won’t blow the budget.

Blog 3Who doesn’t love a bit of bunting? Again, like the mini buckets, they have a variety of colours and patterns available. Bunting is good to add to a large empty wall or even draped along the front of your top table.

Blog 4Wicker hearts can be such a versatile decoration, hook them onto the aisle chairs/pews where the ceremony is taking place, even accessorising them with ribbon in a colour to match your scheme. You could link a few together to make you own unique bunting, or even give them to your guests as wedding favours.

Blog 5Dream of a photo booth but can’t quite squeeze it into the budget? These props are just what you need to create your own. Find a room where it’s a little quieter, leave these props and a camera and wait and see what happens!!!

Blog 6Signage is so important at a wedding and these blackboard signs are a great wedding staple. With their versatile nature they can be re-used and act as signs for everything from pointing guests to brides side/grooms side at the church to directions to the wedding breakfast the next morning. These little signs could not only save you time and money but also undue stress on the big day, confident in the knowledge that all your guests will easily be able to navigate around the venue.

Blog 7…And there you have it! I have however merely scraped the surface on what Hobbycraft have to offer so make sure you pay them a visit for yourself!!

Thank you for reading


Dainty Bride xx

Thank you Charlie for your latest instalment, not only does this give everyone a great idea of what Hobbycraft have to offer but also gives readers some really great decoration ideas for their own big day.

Whilst on the subject of Hobbycraft there is still time to take part in the #BigPoppyKnit, the aim of which is to make 11,000 poppies to mark each of the 11,000 Nottinghamshire men who died during the Great War. If you fancy getting involved all poppies need to be donated to the Poppy Appeal by the 22nd October 2014. To read more click here.

If you are interested in our services then visit our website at: You can contact us via email: or call us on: +44 (0) 115 853 3910, you can also search ‘RetailAssist’ on Twitter and Instagram, just make sure you hashtag #BigPoppyKnit when posting any pictures of your knitted poppies.

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